• Tri Ferga Prasetyo
  • Egy Agung Frastya
  • Enceng Enda S
Keywords: Robotics, Soil Fertility Detector, Soil Hygrometer detection Sensor Soil Humidity, Arduino Uno R3.


The development of technology so rapidly, that people in this era always need a tool that can provide convenience in the work. Detection technology into the realm of robotics technology is one of the technologies that are always needed by humans, especially the Prototype Fertility Detection System Land that is useful to provide convenience to humans to be able to know the soil fertility. Therefore made a prototype of Soil Fertility detector is environmentally friendly, low budget and easy to make and use. The Soil Fertility Detection System Prototype is a tool used to detect soil fertility, where the tool uses several methods such as soil moisture sensor and others. Soil Fertility Detection System will detect Soil Fertility. In this study realized the device to detect Soil Fertility with accuracy that can be made reference. Sensor Soil hygrometer detection Modul I2C soil moisture sensor Soil moisture will work when the sensor is input into the ground, there will be induction changes and the characteristic of the oscillator circuit will change. Microcontroller used is type ATMega 128P mounted in Arduino Shield with Arduino Uno R3 model. This soil fertility detector is designed to recognize soil types such as fertile soil, fertile and infertile soil still dependent on the soil moisture. Data communication between microcontroller and soil hygrometer sensor using jamper cable. Then the output of this system is a writing that is displayed using 16x2 LCD in complete I2C module, three-color led light and sound using bazer. The results of this tool realization has a level of accuracy of 75%.