Pengaruh Pemanasan Terhadap Karakter dan Kemampuan Adsorpsi Serbuk Kayu Randu Untuk Zat Warna Methyl Violet 2B

  • Widi Astuti
  • Hanif Abdillah
  • Dwi Maziyyah Fatin
Keywords: kapok sawdust, methyl violet, adsorption


Kapok sawdust is mainly composed of lignocellulose that enables it to act as an adsorbent. Heating process can degrade cellulose into volatile compounds followed by the formation of pores and new functional groups. It can increase the adsorption capacity. Thus, the main object of this paper is to study the effect of heating on the kapok sawdust toward the character and adsorption capacity for methyl violet dye. Heating process is carried out at a temperature of 105oC and 200oC for 1 hour. The adsorbent was analyzed mass reduction, the presence of functional groups and the adsorption capacity for methyl violet dye. In the adsorption process, the influence of pH, initial concentration of solution and adsorption time were studied. The results show that heating at 200oC can increase methyl violet adsorption for concentrations below 150 mg/l while at concentrations above 150 mg/l, heating at 105oC is more effective. The optimum condition of methyl violet adsorption by kapok sawdust was reached at pH of 7 while equilibrium was reached after 10 minu