Tracking System on Solar Panels Using Microcontroller

  • Bagaskara Sembada Bhayangkara Jakarta University
  • Rafika Sari Bhayangkara Jakarta University
  • Sugiyatno Sugiyatno Bhayangkara Jakarta University
Keywords: prototype, tracking system, solar panels, microcontroller


Solar energy is a renewable energy that has not been widely implemented in a mass manner. To optimize the use of a solar panel, usually a control system that can adjust the position of the solar panel automatically is employed to get the optimal power value. This prototype tracking system of solar panels is dynamically following the direction of sunlight. The supporting devices used in this prototype are LDR sensor, Servo, Arduino Uno, Ina219, Bread Boot Power Supply and solar cell which must be activated first to work. The servo will drive a 3D printing device that is connected to an LDR sensor that is sensitive to sunlight. The Ina219 component serves to absorb the intensity of the sun and convert it in terms of voltage (volts) and electric current (amperes). The energy absorbed by the solar panels in the form of voltage and electric current will be stored in the battery so that it can turn on the lights. The solar panel prototype will be placed in an open area to get optimal solar energy compared to static solar panels.


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