Asset Inventory System of Employee Cooperative’s Pusri Palembang Inc.

  • Akhmad Khudri Universitas Bina Dharma
  • Rajib Oki Saputra Universitas Bina Dharma
Keywords: asset inventory, MySQL, system, VB.Net 2008


Employee cooperative has been widely existed in every institution in Indonesia, both at governement and non-government. This research aims at facilitating the office employees of the Pusri Employee Cooperative to manage the assets owned. To support this convenience, the author proposes an asset inventory system using VB.Net 2008 and MySQL database. The proposed system can be used to manage asset data in the form of asset data input, asset search, asset grouping, deletion, sales and asset reports owned. With the creation of an asset inventory system, the performance of office employees will be faster and more efficient and ensure the security of asset data. In this study the author uses the Waterfall research method including several stages i.e., requirements analysis, system design, program code generation, testing and maintenance. The method of data collection is done through interviews and direct observation to the object of research. The results of the research are expected to be useful for all office employees of the Pusri Palembang Employee Cooperative in managing data on assets owned by the office.


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