From Editor-in-Chief

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh.

Best wishes to all the members of the Editorial Board, Reviewers Panel, Authors, and Readers of PIKSEL for a very happy, and healthy stay.

Global conditions and current local activities need the help of computer science. This edition of articles extensively explores computer science methods in fields such as education, business, network, medical, and local government.

This edition introduces using computer science to add value to most people’s activities. The implementation of an interesting GUI improves the user-friendly aspect of the system, and businesses should cover the user's needs. The speed, efficiency, accuracy, and other performance indicators on medical, smart village, education, and network security can be handled by the computer science method.

Several other computer science method studies are presented in this volume, especially on machine learning, network security, mobile technology, and other related studies. This issue for the first time includes the environmental discussion on waste management that has become the main problem in every city in Indonesia.

Best Regards,

Rahmadya Trias Handayanto, Ph.D.