Peer Reviewers

Jurnal Pengabdian PENEROKA: of Economics, education, language, health, and social humanities a peer review process. All articles submitted to PENEROKA will be reviewed in a closed manner (double-blind review) by bebestari partners. In general, each article will be reviewed by one to two reviewers. The responses from these reviewers will be used as the basis for the Editor to determine whether an article is acceptable, accepted if revised (accepted with major/minor revision), or rejected (rejected). An article is refused to be published due to various considerations, including the article is not in accordance with the scope of the Development and Application of Science and Technology and the scientific side of the article is inadequate to be classified in a scientific paper, a basic methodological error, or because the author refuses to make improvements. by reviewers without a logical basis. All submitted articles will be checked for plagiarism using anti-plagiarism software (Turnitin).