• yeyen Muzayanatul karimah universitas islam 45
  • Kurniawati Mulyanti
  • Rusham Rusham
  • Husnul Khatimah
  • Helmi Makarim
Keywords: Plastic Bottles, Hydroponics, Food Security


The current Covid-19 pandemic has caused the people of Margahayu Village Rt007Rw007, who on average, worked as employees and traders, to experience a decrease in income, which was caused by a decrease in a company's profit. This resulted in a crisis threat for family food security. So that the community is required to be active and innovative in an effort to find solutions to improve food security. So to overcome this, the activities that will be carried out are providing education and training to the community to use the yard of the house to grow vegetables using the hydroponic method. Utilization of used plastic bottles with cultivation using water without using soil by emphasizing the fulfillment of nutritional needs for plants, people's desire to use the yard that is more useful. Efforts made by the community to be able to survive in the current pandemic conditions so that they are still able to meet their needs, one of which is planting hydroponic vegetable crops to minimize expenses that can cause household expenses to increase. The people who took part in the activity were 10 participants, the place of activity was located on Jln. Ex. Margahayu Rt/Rw 007/007 the activity was carried out from 19 February 2022 to 11 March 2022. After this activity the community knew how to grow vegetables using the hydroponic method, understood the importance of vegetable cultivation using the hydroponic method, and the community was enthusiastic about growing hydroponic vegetables in their yards each.

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karimah, yeyen, Mulyanti, K., Rusham, R., Khatimah, H., & Makarim, H. (2023, February 14). PENGEMBANGAN BUDIDAYA TANAMAN HIDROPONIK DARI LIMBAH PLASTIK UNTUK MENINGKATKAN KETAHANAN PANGAN KELUARGA. Jurnal Pengabdian PENEROKA: Rumpun Ilmu Ekonomi, Pendidikan, Bahasa, Kesehatan, Sosial Humaniora, 2(01), 102-109. Retrieved from