Paradigm Journal is a journal that contains scientific studies on Science, Religion and Culture, presenting scientific articles, both research results and literature reviews. The pioneering paradigm journal has been around since 1996 but has had its ups and downs with inconsistent publications. The years 2002-2015 were reactivated but were still less consistent and even vacuumed from 2015-2019. LPPM UNISMA Bekasi is improving the existence of a paradigm journal by asking for the support of the Chancellor, namely Bp. Dr. Nandang Najmulmunir, M.Si to raise the activity of journals both under LPPM and under the Faculty. Currently the Paradigm journal has been published through the Online Journal System. The existence of this electronic journal is expected to make it easier for users, both authors to submit articles, readers to access all published articles, and the editorial board to manage the journal as a whole. The determination of the Management Team, Editors and Bestari Partners has been ratified based on the Decree of the Chancellor of the Islamic University 45 number 759a/SK/UNISMA/RT/XI/2020 after that it was renewed again with the Decree of the Director of the Institute for Research and Community Service No. 039.b/1.1.I/LPPM.UNISMA/III/2022.


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