• Neneng Fauziah Program Studi Manajemen Administrasi, Universitas Islam 45 Bekasi
Keywords: Motivation, further study, interest


Continuing to a higher school level is the dream of students. Vocational high school (SMK) graduates
hope to develop their potential in universities with study programs that are of interest. The learning
motivation of students with an interest in continuing their education to college is still not by the dreams
of students. This study used quantitative methods with a population in this study of 76 students. Data
collection techniques were carried out using observation methods, distributing questionnaires to grade
XII students of Karya Guna Bhakti 2 Vocational High School (SMK) Bekasi City. Relating student
learning motivation to college can be realized as expected, and it needs the role of students and parents,
in other words, student learning motivation gets internal and external encouragement to make behavior
changes and several other indicators that have a big role in student success in learning. Interest in
continuing education to college is influenced by several factors including factors from within oneself,
school environment factors, family environment factors, and study program factors chosen to continue
education. The results of the questionnaire distributed to class XII students are quite high interest in
continuing their studies at university, but from the results of statistical tests obtained a value of p =
0.14, it can be concluded that there is no significant relationship between learning motivation and
interest in continuing studies.