Optimalisasi Sistem Teknologi Hybrid Pada Rancangan PV-Grid-Baterai Untuk Kebutuhan Skala Rumah Tangga

  • Syah Rinal Efendi Universitas Medan Area
  • Arya Chandra Buana Lubis Universitas Medan Area
  • Habib Satria Universitas Medan Area http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4299-9337
  • Indra Hermawan Universitas Medan Area
Keywords: Energy Conversion, PV, Grid, Battery


The use of electricity that has covered every area of ​​the earth is a valid fact. This makes electricity a primary need that must be continuously provided to meet the needs of the community. Based on these known facts, as much as 50% of this electricity user is in the form of a household scale. Therefore, a research was conducted on the analysis of the technology system conversion in the PV-grid-battery design at a household scale. This study aims to determine the level of technology conversion in the pv-grid-battery design at a household scale so that electric customers can utilize solar panel technology more optimally and well. The method used in this activity is to use a direct observation and data collection system. Based on the results obtained, it can be concluded that the use of solar panels with a capacity of 120 Wp x 2 can help in backing up loads on a household scale. The household load power which is the parameter in this research activity is 450 VA (based on the power of the household kWhmeter).

Author Biographies

Syah Rinal Efendi, Universitas Medan Area

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Habib Satria, Universitas Medan Area

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Indra Hermawan, Universitas Medan Area

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