Ketimpangan Permukiman di Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS) Kali Sentiong Johar Baru Jakarta Pusat

  • Jaka Waluya Dosen Pendidikan Geografi FKIP Unisma Bekasi
  • Hermanto - Dosen Pendidikan Geografi FKIP Unisma Bekasi
Keywords: The Sentiong River Watershed and Its Problems, Settlement Inequality


The research aims to explain about how the watershed along the Sentiong river in Johar Baru, Central Jakarta. Along the river Sentiong is very densely populated, and explains the damage and pollution that occurred in Kali Sentiong Johar Baru, Central Jakarta. Describes the change in the function of Kali Sentiong river and riverbanks. This study uses a descriptive research method with a qualitative approach. Techniques for data collection used observation and interviews with each of the 10 main informants and accompanying informants, The results showed that the watershed of the Sentiong Johar Baru River, Central Jakarta, experienced very large changes. Kali Sentiong has changed its function and is polluted due to the times, Kali Sentiong has turned dark brown in color and has an unpleasant aroma because it is used by the community to dispose of garbage and waste, both household waste and small industrial waste around the Sentiong River. In addition, the people are less aware of the cleanliness of the environment in the watershed of the Sentiong River and keep it clean by not littering the river carelessly, especially at the Sentiong River. There are several suggestions for residents around the Sentiong River watershed, namely maintaining the cleanliness of the Sentiong River watershed by voluntary work and there is restraint from the sanitation department, especially the Central Jakarta area. If someone violates it, they will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the regulations.