• Wahyu Hidayat Universitas Islam 45
  • Suprihatin Suprihatin Universitas Islam 45
  • Agus Supriyanto Universitas Islam 45
Keywords: Socialization, Early Marriage, Prevention


Community service program This year will be held offline, because the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak has subsided. The impact of the pandemic in Indonesia is really troubling the community, especially the people who are in the Bekasi Regency area, one of which is in the village of Kertajaya. Kertajaya village is also one of the villages which had a high number of early marriages. There fore it is necessary to socialize about early marriage and its impact so that teenagers understand better what early marriage is, the legal basis that applies and social impacts. The method used by students (KKN) at the Islamic University of 45 Bekasi is to provide face-to-face (offline) exposure. The material presented is the understanding of early marriage, the legal basis for marriage, the social impacts that experience it and the factors that cause early marriage. The potential and ability of the understanding level of the youth of Kertajaya Village was good, as evidenced by the question and answer process that took place during the presentation of the material. The socialisation activities by the participants were considered very useful so they expected that there would be further activities.