Investigasi Numerik Perkerasan Jalan Sistem Pelat Terpaku terhadap Variasi Dimensi Struktur

  • Anas Puri
  • Roza Mildawati
Keywords: rigid pavement, Nailed-slab System, soft clay, slab deflection, micro piles


An innovation in rigid pavement engineering was developed by using Nailed-slab Pavement System. In this case, the rigid pavement is reinforced by short micro piles underneath to increase the performance of pavement on soft subgrade. In this paper, numerical analysis results will be discussed. The analysis was done by using 3D finite element method. The diameter and length of piles were varied separately, including the slab thickness. The used materials properties were referred to Puri, (2015b). Results show that the variation in structural element dimensions influences the slab deflections. Slab deflections tend to decrease by increasing the diameter and length of piles, also by increasing the slab thickness. Its were caused by increasing the stiffness of the Nailed-slab System.